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بابا بزرگ 29 ساله !!!!

دختر 14 ساله، پدر 29 ساله خود را پدربزرگ کرد !!!!

وقتی شم 29 ساله برای زایمان دخترش وارد بیمارستان شد ، پرستاران فکر کردند او پدر نوزاد است

Proud British granddad Shem Davies is not even 30 yet and his 14-year-old daughter Tia already has a child! Shem had Tia when he was only 15, setting the stage for his daughter to follow in his footsteps. When Shemp, who happens to be unemployed at the moment, showed up to the hospital, the staff thought he was the father instead of the grandfather. It's hard to believe in it. See the photos of quit possibly the youngest family in the UK.

پدر نوزاد که تنها 15 سال دارد ، به همراه همسر 14 ساله اش در پی اتمام دوره دبیرستانشان هستند. پدر و مادر این نوزاد حدود 18 ماه است که در کنار هم هستند.

The father is actually 15-year-old Jordan, making for a disturbingly immature family. Both parents are still in school and plan on finishing, with Tia seeing herself as a hairdresser in the future.

These young parents are part of the more than 35,000 kids under 18 who get pregnant in the UK each year. However, at least half of those kids get an abortion.

همکنون بیش از 35 هزار کودک زیر 18 سال در بریتانیا باردار میشوند، اگرچه بیش از نیمی از آنها جنین را از بین می برند

Amazingly, Tia and Jordan have been dating for 18 months, meaning they were around 13 when they started going out.
The baby, Gracie, only weighed 2 lbs when she was born and was immediately put in an incubator.

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